Friday, May 4, 2007

A Proud and Sad Day

The FBI's 911 Memorial, on the grounds of the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Yesterday was the National Prayer Day here in the United States of America. A proud day for me to take the opportunity to exercise my right to pray, in public, at a government facility, with my fellow believers.

Truly, yesterday the Lord gave me the strength I prayed for as I bowed my head and read out loud, the names of the 32 men, from the 4th Brigade, 25 Infantry Div, who had sacrificed their lives for me. Yes, for me, so that I could stand on FBI property, around the granite, 9/11 Memorial and pray for their families and loved ones. I asked for God's grace and healing love be brought to their hearts. At 7:30am, He gave me the strength to complete that prayer.

At 9:30am He gave me even more strength to read the names again, around the FBI’s Engineering flag pole. I read the 33 names. Yes, now 33 names of the men whos brave and valiant hearts had been lost, so that I could proudly call myself an American.

It was a proud and sad day.

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