Sunday, May 13, 2007

Super Early Monday Morning ~ Dear Gretchen,

Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 02:09:16 +0400
Subject: super early monday morning here


I wish I could hear your voice. And I'm sorry I haven't called you yet. I hope you haven't worried.

I've been at Kalsu almost a week now. There is a lot to learn here, new people, a new job, my way around a new FOB, etc....

Despite being very nervous about taking charge of a platoon finally, its really good to finally be here. Once I learn this job, its ways, and my guys, I think my last year on staff will only help me in the long run, maturity wise.

The main reason I havent called or e-mailed is time, location, and availability. My sole purpose this past week has been meeting the guys, going on mission, learning the equipment, beating up Lt Berliner with questions before he hands the platoon over to me, etc. Second there are only two tents on this entire FOB where you can use phones and internet, being mothers day, they are all very full, even at 2am (which it is right now). You ask why I'm up so early, well I got up early to try and use the phones, and we have a mission in a couple hours.

I would say I have a little more free time then before, just because I don't work a set schedule like being on staff with the 501st. I'm either on a mission, preping for another mission, cleaning up from the previous mission, doing maintenance on my vehicles, or short little business errands. Then I have time to sleep, eat, workout, and any other personal things. The commander is big on two things when you're not working, get SLEEP and GYM time. I admit there have been a couple days with less than 4 hours sleep, but other days make up for it with 10-12 hours sleep. We roll out at all hours of the day.

The guys in my platoon run the gamit. I have 21 Sappers/Engineer equipment operators. My platoon is the only one (3rd platoon) in the company to have light equipment operators in it. That means I'm in charge of things like graders, dozers, bucketloaders, and bobcats. In the long run its good because it really mixes up my mission, rather then only doing route clearance, like the other two platoons, I also get to do missions with my equipment moving dirt, cleaning up roads, and building patrol bases. I think my youngest is 19, and the oldest in his 30's. They are from all walks of life and corners of the US, and beyond. My platoon sergeant seems really good. I'm slowly getting to know him, but we'll be roommates once Berliner moves out, and I move in.

Well gotta go, hopefully we can talk or e-mail soon.


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