Monday, April 14, 2008

A River Runs Through It..Falmouth

Dan Breen and I had two hours of Shad fishing before dinner tonight. Dan's first trip and he caught at least 8 and had that many on the line. He never stopped grinning or giggling.

Remember, some days are for catching more fish, and some days are for catching bigger fish. But it's all about sharing the water with a friend and learning something new about life.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't Drink The Water

I hit the river today and lost count after 2 dozen Shad. Had a blast. Here's proof.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You Call Me Strange??

Many who know me know of my ham radio hobby and how much I enjoy traveling, kayaking, walking to U.S. islands to operate my radio and talk to hams around the world. If I was really retired I would give some serious consideration to taking on an adventure like this.
Rockall 2008 Expedition - June 2008 - Operators required.

With less than 2% of Island on the Air participants claiming to have contacted The Isle of Rockall EU189, now a dream opportunity has arisen to join Island Man: aka Andy Strangeway on a once in a lifetime trip to the edge of the world. Previously activated in 2005 for a few hours only, it’s easy to see why this most wanted island on the air attracts interest from every part of the globe.
On 22 June, 2008 Andy will attempt to travel out to Rockall with a professional team of yachtsmen and rock climbing instructors. It’s thought generally the weather and sea conditions are kindest then. There will be room onboard for up to eight radio amateurs who may be interested in going to Rockall and activating the extremely rare EU189. Having already spoken to Andy on the telephone, I can confirm he is mighty keen to go with a group of radio hams and try land on the sacred islet.

If you are serious in joining Andy, drop an email to him at or alternatively leave a comment here whereby it can be forwarded to Andy.

Furthermore, Andy along with the World’s Most Travelled person (Charles Veley) will also attempt to land on Rockall during the week commencing May 12. He informs that one or two places are still available on this earlier trip to Rockall. Again, if interested, contact Andy or leave a reply here - the May visit to Rockall could be an ideal opportunity to do a site survey for the planned June 2008 (amateur radio) visit.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Couple Of Oldies

I came across these oldies on a thumb drive today. I just had to share them. I took the Black Grouper in the Gulf off of Fort Myers Beach, FL, Easter 1999. I'm thinking Sam was a Soph. in high school. It was a 20" keeper and won me $96 for the big fish of the day. Not bad considering we had buy one get one free tickets that only cost $50.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Float, First Shad

I hit the Rappahannock on Friday after work until dark for my first paddle/fishing of the year. The water was very high, muddy after an all day rain on Thursday. Second cast and I had on a beauty of a Hickory Shad on my UltraLight rod with 4 pound test. After that nothing. It was still nice getting back out on the water. With the warming Wx this week the Shad should be thick by mid-week. Imagine running into that 15 foot log with a $30,000 fishing boat.

Heavy rains always produces a lot of trash in the river including major size sticks.

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