Monday, May 14, 2007

FOB Kalsu

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I hope you can see the two points on the first map, FOB Iskan, Sam's original base and FOB Kalsu where he is commanding his platoon from. The image is from Google. Small world, even at war that a son would end up in a place half way around the world named after a patriot from his parents home town NFL football team.

"FOB Kalsu, named in honor of First Lieutenant James Robert Kalsu, a Buffalo Bills defensive lineman killed in Vietnam on 21 July 1970."


Brad said...

My son just arrived through the same route, Isakan.. Kalsu. Arrived there on Aug 19th.
My son is PFC Chris Reiff. ( maybe you can have your son check in on him?) You sound as proud,honored and frightened as I am.
My Son was the the second in command of of his ROTC unit! He is into the military!, He wants to go "Green to Gold" (enlisted to Officer)
My wife is the Asst Commandant of SOCOM, here in Tampa Fl. We know how the system works and knew of the cost, but god knows, it is a lot tougher to send a son, than to serve. My the Lord keep you in his hands , Your family memeber in Kalsue will be prayed for daily.

Anonymous said...

My husband is in his 10th month of the stupid 15 mo. tour at FOB KALSU. I am just wondering how you did cope with your son being away? This is my first deployment and I havent ever known anyone in the Military until I reconnected with Richard. I have to hand it to the military families....this life is hard! But it makes us stronger right?

Tracy said...

Just keep son has been there for almost 11 months. He has until Feb 2009. You have to keep positive thoughts.............just keep praying............ I can not beleave that its almost a year...he was home in February and I am looking at one day a time and I just pray every night for him and all the other military personel that are there and every where else in the world god bless them all thank you for defending our freedom................just keep on praying for them all...............