Monday, May 21, 2007

All-female Triathlon Encourages Racers Of All Abilities

Gretchen swam, biked and ran her first triathlon.
Anchorage Daily News
Published: May 21, 2007

Some crossed the finish line looking like they were barely winded by the 500-meter swim, 10-mile bike ride and 4.1-mile run they'd just completed.

Others looked sufficiently fatigued but still triumphant at having conquered a taxing course.

Still others came across looking like they hoped the defibrillator in the medical services tent next to the finish line was fully charged.

And as one finisher after another completed the Gold Nugget Triathlon, more departed the staging area at Bartlett High on bicycles or arrived to begin their arduous journey in the pool.

That's how it went for hours upon hours under gloriously sunny skies with just a hint of wind Sunday. Around 1,200 girls and women, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters suited, saddled and laced 'em up for the 25th edition of the Gold Nugget.

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453 First-timers entered
36 Average age
71 Oldest finisher
6 Youngest
25 Gold Nugget Triathlons held
1:01:34 Lori Deschamps' winning time
8 Stationary bikes set up outside the pool for warming up
48 Number of swimmers in the pool at any one time after the top seeds finished
5 Number of U-Hauls transporting bikes back to the staging area after competitors transitioned to running

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