Monday, May 7, 2007

Bike for Women in Alaska

Hi Family,

I rode in the Bike for Women today with 500 other Alaskan Women! It was a great ride, 9 miles on a course of rolling hills with some gentle S curves. I am loving the bike that I got last summer. This was only my second time out riding this season and my first ever bike race. Moving to AK sure has been a year of firsts! Do you realize that I have lived her almost a year exactly? Sam and I arrived in Anchorage the first week of May and he reported to Ft. Rich. It is weird to think I have lived in Alaska for 12 months and Sam has lived here 4. I have so many places to show him when he gets back!

Here are some pics of me before the race today. The other lady in the picture with me is Sue, one of the teachers I work with at Abbott. She also did the Ski for Women with me and we have registered for the Run for Women. We are going for the triple crown! They actually give you a little patch for doing all three!
Am I surprised that her jersey color matches her bike color? Jay

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