Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sapper Platoon Leader

Subject: Sapper PL in April
Sunday, March 04, 2007 2:10 PM

So tonight, LTC Balcavage, my current Battalion commander, talked with LTC Roth, the BSTB (Brigade Special Troops Battalion) Battalion commander, and I guess they're planning on moving me to BSTB in April, to be a platoon leader finally. I will take over for Lt Hintz, as 1st Platoon Leader, A Co, BSTB. That platoon is stationed at FOB Falcon, just south of Baghdad, near the "green zone", and they work solely for 1-40th CAV, 4-25th, so I would be in the same brigade, but assigned to one battalion, and task organized to work for another.

I'm sure that sounds confusing, but its actually a good thing, the other two platoons in the A Company (Sapper Company) work for the Brigade, meaning they go all over the battle space and have several "bosses". Being solely attached to 1-40th CAV means I work for just one battalion commander and his infantry/cavalry, battalion.

Not sure yet what the date is, he just said April, that could be the begining of April, or whenever I get back from leave...

Talk to you later,
Love, Sam

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