Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Homeward Bound

The call came at 1:50 am EDT.

His appointment was at 0800 local. It only took 45 minutes for Sam to get his roundtrip itinerary and he was on the phone with Gretchen.

Departing Kuwait at 2330 Wednesday night his time, he'll be home in 36 hours - the 11 hour time difference. So I think he gets in Thursday night at about 2300. Still have to do the time zone math.
Kuwait, Germany, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Anchorage. Straight through with very little time to spare. Military flights to DFW then commercial.

He has his return travel intinary, but 2 am was not the time to try and decipher it.

So meeting him on the way to AK is not going to happen. Maybe on the way back. He is safe and out of Iraq, that is what is important.

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