Thursday, March 15, 2007

501st Hooah Video~All Along The Watchtower

It is about a one minute video that was filmed by the 501st during some of their missions in and around Jurf as Sakhr, Iraq.
"Jurf" is across the Euphrates River and west of FOB Iskan.
Sam 's 1 sec scene is at second 12.
Turn up your speaker and enjoy.

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Jay C. said...

Posted for Kevin S.
Mr. C,

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I truly appreciate you forwarding this e-mail to me! It was so great, even for a split second, to see my best friend defending our country. Kind of surreal to have visual evidence of him without having seen him in a long time. You know? I mean we all know he is over there, but to see footage of him over there? Eerie... I Miss him, and can't wait for God to bring him home with all the pieces he left with, in undamaged condition...God has a plan for Sam and his leadership- a quality I have learned a lot about from him-- which is interesting that my job (Outward Bound) focuses on leadership, etc. Anyway.... Thank you, and I will be back east soon! We all need to get together when I return to VA... I will be home the few days before, and the entire week after Easter!

Miss you all, much love,

God bless,