Saturday, February 3, 2007

Tears with Jesse James

Ok, this has been and is going to continue to be an emotional, roller coaster kind of year. 4 months down 8 or so remaining. Having contact with Sam at work on the classified SIPRnet most mornings and then reviewing the military action reports at times leaves me drained; but it also gives me a great appreciation for the troops serving in Iraq, both the horror and heroics.
I was flipping through the tv guide for the Military Channel and recorded a show called "Iraq Confidential with Jesse James". Sounded very interesting.

I have always enjoyed the Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" which is basically centered around Jesse James's ability of custom car and motorcycle building. Yeah, he's rough, covered with tattoos, irreverent, potty mouthed, but he is an amazing craftsman, talented artist and he's married to Sandra Bullock.

Plus, he wanted to do something for the troops and see first hand what this war in Iraq is all about. Turns out that the Discovery Channel almost fired him for pushing the issue. So he spent a lot of is own money to ship 10s of thousands of dollars worth of custom car parts so that he could build an off the wall Humvee. Yes, he did the celebrity thing, he flew in Blackhawk helicopters, fired M240 machine guns from the door, had his picture taken and visited the hospitals on base. He was there to build a hot rod Humvee, help build troop moral.

Who knew we would see the softer, concerned, supportive side of this guy. A he-man who had tears in his eyes when the commanding officer awarded him with an American flag that flew over the air base while he was there. A mechanic so upset with tears in his eyes when he realize that his 1000 HP, wheelie popping monster wasn't going to run for the troops because they forgot to put oil in the transmission before they started the monster. Tears in his eyes for his co-workers and by now a friend to the Army and Air Force enlisted soldiers who worked side by side for a week.

And me, sitting in my warm and safe home in Virginia with tears in my eyes, running down my cheeks watching it all. Missing Sam, loving Sam, proud of Sam and knowing any one of those hard working and dedicated soldiers could be Sam.
God bless America and Jesse James for his efforts and his tears.

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