Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sam's Buffalo Jills Update

Yes I am a Bills fan.
FOB Iskan's Lt Mafia
Update from the big nasty sandbox:

It was almost too good to be true, and almost hard to believe, but the Buffalo Bills NFL Cheerleaders came for a visit to FOB Iskan, Iraq yesterday. They flew in on Blackhawks, nine lovely females dressed in velvet cheerleading bills outfits, but no pompoms... They stayed for about three hours, signed some autographs, posed for some pictures, ate lunch with a couple lucky soldiers, and flew away into the hot Iraqi mid-day sun.

Honestly it was more weird and ironic then enjoyable. First, I would rather have a visit with my wife any day, of course. Second, I haven't really seen a women in almost 5 months, much less one all dolled up in makeup, smelling nice. I will admit, after living with 800 stinky Paratroopers, in a filthy Iraqi country, beside an environmental eye sore of a power plant, these ladies did smell nice. Then back to the fact we haven't seen women in months, we all resorted to acting like teenage middle school boys, blushing, hesitant to talk with any of them. About the only words I could mutter walking down the Autograph line were "my name is Sam", "yes, I'm a Bills fan", and "my parents and entire family is from Buffalo"... Then we moved to the back of the room and cracked jokes under our breath as we watched our buddies walk down the line acting nearly as stupid as us...

So enjoy the pictures, laugh at my state, and have a nice day...

Your friend,

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Tavis said...

Its good to hear you got to see someone "from the outside", but I see your point. My son is home for R&R now and I was going to tell him that he missed seeing the cheerleaders. Then I realized... what am I thinking?! He's not 'missing' anything! He has been able to spend the last week with his fiancé and family. Any visitors like this that can take their time and visit you guys are a great distraction, but the truly lucky ones are those that are able to come home.