Wednesday, November 26, 2008


by Thomas F. McGorray
Special Agent FBI Ret.

For the wealth that is our friendship,
Whereon no harm did fall;
For the training that we shared alike,
That let us each stand tall.
For the cases that we worked and solved
For the paths we all did trod
For the bravery of our fallen ones,
I thank thee, O my God!

For reports that were well written
And the grace to do what's right.
With our egos badly smitten
Long hours worked through the night.
For Thy safety and protection,
And the disciplining rod
For our fight against crimes evil,
I thank Thee, O my God!

For respecting badge and gun,
And the laws that show the way.
For success in our endeavors,
For completing every day.
For the justice that we strove for
For your blessings and your nod,
For all our brothers died for,
I thank Thee, O my God

For the splendor of your wisdom
Deep rooted in all things
For justice that was well served
And all that goodness brings.
For agents steeped in courage,
We stand so proud, yet awed,
For watching o'er our Bureau,
I thank Thee, O my God.

And as our time grows shorter
And as our suns do set.
We thank thee for this journey
Each agent that we met.
For helping in the battle,
Within, above, abroad,
For watching o'er us daily,
I thank Thee, O my God.

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