Sunday, August 12, 2007

Support, When You Least Expect It.

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Well we arrived home safe last night after a very hot week at Sunset Beach, NC. The house was nice if not a bit run down and a slight odor of beach mildew and dampness. We all began to wonder what the week would bring. Valerie was recovering from a sinus infection which left her dizzy and with an upset stomach. We think Maggi had a touch of the same thing for the first couple of days also. To start it off I woke up the first morning with a sore back from the beds.
So Molly was the only one who felt half normal. Everyone started feeling pretty good by Wednesday so I took a chance and loaded up the kayak and went fishing. The wrong thing to do. I was on the couch for the rest of the day and all day Thursday with my back out.

That evening I felt well enough so we drove down to Myrtle Beach for dinner and some shopping. We selected one of our favorite places at Broadway at the Beach, the Key West Grill. Sam was with us three years ago on our last visit and we really liked this restaurant. On the way out I decided to pick up a bottle of the Key West Grill hot sauce. At the counter, as the manager was ringing up the sale, I mentioned I was going to send the bottle to our son serving in Iraq. The guy stopped the sale and handed me the bottle. "On the house, give him by best and thank him for is service", he said. Support when you least expect it.

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