Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free Lance-Star T-shirt Update

August 9th the FLS's Rob Heldelt published this update on our driFIRE t-shirt project.
Local actor has big role in comedy 'Hot Rod'
Updates include new projects for local actor and fundraiser for shirts to cool troops.
Date published: 8/9/2007

FROM a string of successes for a local actor and writer to one family's attempt to help their son and others in Iraq, today's a day for updates on recent columns.

Community caring
Several weeks back, I wrote about an effort that a Stafford County couple, Jay and Valerie Chamberlain, started to help their son and other soldiers in Iraq, who deal with extreme heat while wearing hot and heavy body armor.

They wanted to raise money to buy 24-year-old Sam, commander of an engineering unit in the Army's 25th Infantry Division, and others in his unit new-age moisture-management T-shirts.
"To date, we have raised over $11,000," Valerie Chamberlain said recently. "I just sent another shipment of 250 shirts to four different platoons from the same brigade as Sam's."
They've sent 429 shirts so far.

Contributions can still be mailed to Valerie J. Chamberlain, T-shirt Account, c/o BB&T, 375 Chatham Heights Road, Fredericksburg, Va., 22405. Contributors may also make deposits at any BB&T branch.
Rob Hedelt: 540/374-5415 Email:

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