Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sam's BAE RG-31

Mine Protected Vehicle
The RG-31 Mine Protected APC is a 4x4 armoured vehicle with a combat mass of 10 220 / 11 500 kg.
The all-steel, welded armour, monocoque hull protects the crew against small arms fire and anti-tank mine detonations.
In standard APC configuration, this air-conditioned vehicle carries a crew of 10 (driver plus 9).
A large rear door and two front doors ensure speedy and easy exit and entrance. With automatic transmission, permanent 4x4 drive and a two speed (high and low) transfer case the RG-31 is easy to drive, both on and off road.
With a modular interior layout the vehicle can be configured as an APC, command vehicle, ambulance, surveillance vehicle and for many other uses.
RG-31 is the mine-protected vehicle of choice of peacekeepers.

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