Sunday, July 29, 2007

Almost Peaceful ........ Almost!


Another day in the life in a combat zone. Out on patrol this morning, we watched the sun rise above the farm fields. Cows grazing, men tending there fields, repairing water pumps and ensuring water was irrigated through canals to there crops. It was almost 100 degrees at about 7 am, by noon it will reach about 130 degrees F.
My platoon was doing a recon mission along a untraveled road, assessing if we could repair the route for future operations. As the sun came above the horizon there was this mist hanging above the ground. For a split second it sort of makes this place feel peaceful.
Later we heard automatic machine gun fire in the distance, followed by a couple explosions. It was several kilometers away. Someone was in contact, but not us today.

Peace be with you.


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