Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Breach Hell

So, one of my Squad leaders, Staff Sergeant Nick Swanson, has a cousin that is a christian rapper based out of Minnesota. His cousin decided to write a song about my combat engineer "sapper company" while here over here in Iraq. Attached is the final product, its pretty awesome. "BREACH HELL" is our company motto, since breaching is what combat sappers do best! I hope you enjoy. Feel free to pass around and share.

Breach Hell, 425th BSTB Company Theme Song

"……Keep you head up on the battlefield, I know the mission is real, but so is God and He’s look after you’ all. Look at that flag on your arm, the red white and blue. We appreciate you and everything that you do. Every morning I awake in these here United States, and ain’t nothing blowing up no terrorist showing up. I know its cause of you’ll out there hold’em them off. Freedom comes with a heavy tab you’ all and you’ all paying the cost. And for that dog my hat comes off. Giving honor where honor is due to our American troops. This is my thanks and I am sending a ????? to the Brigade Special Troops Battalion and Sgt Nick Swanson……"

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