Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Wild Iris, Eklunta Lake, AK July 2006Sonnet
by Jane White Chamberlain

I need not visit galleries to look for
Paintings framed in gilt.
I see my paintings through the trees
That God Himself has built.
He hangs them all before my eyes
And no two are the same.
A bit of sky with fleecy clouds
Beyond a country lane,
That flashes of red and olive green,
A pair of birds in flight,
The scarlet tanager and mate,
A rare and wondrous sight.
There’s one I see of a sparkling pond
With shining ripples there.
Near forest aisles so quite-like,
One sees pink orchids clustered rare.
At night God shows me different scenes,
Long shaft of silver rays
Send shadows casing in and out
The hills with mist arrayed.
I like the galleries of God
Where paintings hung for me
Are all proof that I shall need
Of one Great Diety.

Sam's Great Grandmother

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