Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Letter Home, 1918

Camp Merritt, NJ
3:45 am Fri Oct 18, 1918

Dear Mother,

Only a few lines as we are on our way. I got into Merritt at midnight Oct. 16 and we leave at 4 am tomorrow morning for France. We have a 65 pound pack and we have to hike about 5 miles tomorrow to take the train. Some little jaunt. You aught to see me. We had to have our head shaved. I have the whole outfit now, even the tin derby. It only weighs four pounds. We leave pier 95 Hoboken, NJ at 9:30 am Oct 19 on the Hoboken Tie Line, and expect to be about two weeks on the water. This will be a bum letter but you won't mind when I tell you I haven't had a wink of sleep since I left Holabird and there isn't any chance till I get aboard ship. I have been helping to strighten out the company personell. It's an awful job to get all the records ready for overseas service.
This will be my last letter from this side but I will keep up to my old record when I once get settled on then other side. I want to drop Ceace a little note before it's to late.
Lots and lots of love from your little soldier.

Pvt. J. Forrest Cain
307th Repair Unit
Motor Transportation Corp, M.T.C.
American Expeditionary Force
Hdqts Co. Via New York

Great Grandfather of 1LT Samuel Cain Chamberlain
Grandfather of Jay Forrest Chamberlain

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