Friday, December 5, 2008

Two New Blogs I Found

What an amazing media this Blogging. I have always been amazed at the websites I find while surfing the net through links. The same goes for exploring the blogging world. Many bloggers will have favorites or links to blogs they follow.

I came across two really cool bloggers this week.
Up in Alaska.
Jill Homer, "I'm an Alaska journalist who likes to bicycle in horrendous conditions and eat goldfish crackers and Pepsi for breakfast." She has ridden and is preparing to ride the 2009 Bike Iditarod. A 350 mile winter, crosscountry bike race. She is the author of, "Ghost Trails" a sometimes joyful, often harrowing ride through my experiences in the 2008 Iditarod Trail Invitational, and the events that inspired it. Jill also takes some amazing photos on her daily winter bike rides.

The second blog I found is
The Adventures of Mike and his Bike
"Let the Good Times Roll"

Mike J. lives in Marysville, WA and from the few posts I have read he rides his bike everywhere. Here are two things you might not know about Mike.
"I can name just about any classic rock song within 3 seconds of hearing it. I can also name the artist and year it came out. I try not to yell this information out every time I hear a song but it’s hard not to. This is one of my super powers. It’s a useless superpower but a superpower just the same."
"When I was a kid I was a super picky eater and I really didn’t like candy very much. In fact, my parents would buy me a candy bar as a treat when we would go on trips and they would later find it with one bite taken out of them and left in the back seat. I do remember eating paste in Kindergarten though and liking it. This fact embarrasses my family which cracks me up."

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Mike J said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog in this post. I appreciate it. It's fun to follow other peoples blog links. Makes for some interesting reading.