Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Message From Mom

Image by Jill Homer ~

Good Morning..

It is early morning on Christmas Eve Day..I just wanted to welcome you to this glorious day and tell you to take a moment today..breathe..and look around at all God has given us with the birth of His Son...There is so much beauty and so much love..not just in the nature and scenery around us but the beauty in each one of our souls and the love that He has so put in our hearts ... just by looking you can see that it is there. He gave us each other to love and cherish and without each other and our different souls brought together, we could not enjoy all that is around us. It is through the eyes of our spirit that we can appreciate this. Truly, our eyes are the window into our soul.

My greatest gift has been to bear our children...through the pain of labor such a beautiful thing was created and at the end of the hard laboring--a gift. Isn't that how life is..through the challenges and trials..through the pain we endure..God enriches our lives with such reward and beauty, it is hard to even describe. There is nothing as amazing in God's creation, then the gift of a child born..Isn't that what His birth is all about? I now understand why it was to be that way for all mother's bearing their children..the pain and the joy all mixed into one and when is good.

I am thinking about each one of you today..It is hard not to be all together...realizing that this is how it has to be at makes me appreciate the times we are even more. Not to forget, after it is all done..God keeps adding to your life through your children...that is you Gretchen. We are thankful for you now blended into our family.

Make this day wonderful. Keep Him in your heart in everything you do..remember that anything else is just the "earthly details" and only temporary..and know that there is no greater love than what your Dad and I feel for you..

God's peace this day..

Love you always,


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