Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Waiting Game

It's been 14 months of waiting. Why would I think, as the end approaches, that anything would really change. We are still waiting.
Waiting to hear, step by step. Leaving the FOB. In Baghdad. Leaving Baghdad. In Kuwait. Leaving Kuwait.
14 months of waiting for some kind of word, an email, a letter and all to infrequent, the phone rings and we hear his voice.
Waiting for some kind of confirmation.
Yesterday he was sitting in the Baghdad airport after a Chinook ride the night before from the FOB. One step closer. Sitting in a hanger .... waiting.
4 am Eastern time, noon his time Wednesday the plane is supposed to depart for Kuwait. Even the the name implys our/his frustration .... KU WAIT. 16 hours in KU WAIT, what else??? Waiting
Ireland ??? Amsterdam??? Over the pole??? Thanksgiving arrival???? We can only pray and ask for Godspeed.

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