Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Prayers For You

Blessed Lord, we work so hard for our families, putting food on the table, keeping a solid shelter over their heads. We know you command us dear Lord not to be a burden on others. We pray that you will also lead us to work hard in our spiritual life, guiding us with your strength and grace that we may walk the right path beside you.

Lord, open our spiritual eyes and enable us to see all the good things you have put before us. Forgive us for focusing on the problems rather then lifting our eyes toward you. Helps us to go forth in faith not in fear so that we may not miss the beauty of your world nor the blessings you give us each day.

Almighty God, quite my heart and mind, open my eyes to your perfect ways. Grant us patience knowing your will be done in your time not ours. Slow our pace so that we do not pass you by. Instead, allow us to witness your spectacular glories large and small. Increase our faith that you are on our side, working for us, even if we must wait for an answer.

My prayer for 14 months of support from above.

Father in Heaven, you have been by our sides, supporting us, every step of the way. Our journey has not been easy but you have sent so many of your saints to be with us. Your strength and love has flowed over us time and time again. We have placed our worries and fears in your hands dear Lord and you have not failed us. You have wiped away our tears with our love. Lord you have been our place of refuge.

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