Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Prayers For You

Lord God, we pray today that we all may come to know you on an intimate basis, not from afar but up close and personal. That we may know and understand the bright future that God has promised for us. We pray for insight into God’s power and the hope he has given us through his spirit, and we pray that all our families will come closer in their walk with you. Dear Lord, open our hearts and vision to behold this incredible truth.

Blessed Lord, you have placed a challenge before this church, a challenge of hopes and dreams, service and expansion. May you guide us in our daily prays, that we may each become apart of the dream before us. Be it small or large, service or contributions; help each of us to focus on our future and grant us the wisdom to be a part of the important work that can be done.

God of love, thank you for first loving us. Help us to know that as we live in you, and focus on you, our love will grow more complete. We trust in your love O Lord. Through our trials and fears, we know your love is stronger than any trouble. Fill us with your love so that all our fears will be cast out and that we can live in confidence and rest in you.

Father we pray today for your continued protection and grace for all of our service men fighting for our freedom around the world. Theirs is a job so easily forgotten. Remind us O Lord that it is the sacrificed of these men and women that have made this county great and a safer place to live.

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wonderful prayers Dad!!