Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Prayers For You

Dear blessed and forgiving God, we pray this morning that we may turn to you and lay our sins at your feet. Help us not to run and hide and deny our sins but to open our hearts to you O Lord; to look deep inside ourselves and admit to the wrong motives, actions or hurting words that have pained others. In our confession we seek healing, reconciliation, and your uplifting grace knowing your love and spirit are with us despite who we are or what we have done.

Father, we humbly pray that you will continue to guide this church, its members and its Pastors as you have for the past 60 years. Thy will be done O Lord that we may be your servants of faith, a beacon in this community. Let us have an outward focus, leading by example to serve those most in need, while lending a helping hand to our friends of Christ Lutheran.

Almighty God, we thank you for your healing presence this past week as we prayed for all of the victims and families on 9/11. For all those brave and dedicated men and women serving this great country we say thank you for keeping us safe from our enemies, on our home shores and through out the world. We pray your blessings for a safe journey and return. For all, God speed.

Lord, how blessed we are to have you by our sides and in our lives. You are all mercy and justice, full of loving kindness and compassion. We pray this coming week that each one of us will walk a step close to you. That you will reveal yourself to us in some small way and that we might have the courage to share your story and loving ways with others.

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