Monday, June 25, 2007

Operation driCARE

Sitting at his desk, Safety Systems Corporation CEO Todd Wilson holds up a handful of garments. “If I had a son or daughter or husband, brother… anyone I knew in Iraq right now, if the government didn’t give them these or if I couldn’t ship them over, I would get on a plane and deliver them myself. Nobody,” he continues, “no body in an active combat role should ever go to work without these on.” He's talking, of course, about our line of industry-first performance wear garments with built-in flame resistance. You already know the blend is patented. Todd's company is the world’s only supplier.

But he is in Chicago. The conflict he mentions is thousands of miles away. And, the distance from where he sits to widespread recognition of his technology solution and its adoption most days he says can feel like light years. “Imagine you’re me,” he says. “I read the papers and hear the news just like you. I see the accounts of military burn injury victims returning to Brooke Army Medical Center. I have something right here, right now, that can change the future and I want people to move faster. Kids are getting burned over there every day… and I sit here in Chicago wondering ‘What in the world does a person have to do?’”

As you know, this week Todd decided to do something radical. For nothing more than the nominal cost of shipping, for anyone who will give him the name and address of a friend or family member on active duty in the military, he will ship a garment to the soldier at zero cost for the garment. He’s prepared to give away up to a million dollars of his inventory.

“If I have to do this one soldier at a time,” he finishes, “then that’s what I’ll do. But I’m hoping ten troops over there tell ten friends and before long they all do what I can’t: they'll bring the message from the bottom up, in ways and using words and actions more effective than anything I have at hand. In the meantime,” he says, holding up a fistful of his performance wear garments with FR protection, “I’m going to do whatever I have to do to get these into the hands of people who need and want them most right now.”

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