Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kind Words From Pastor Laura

June 19, 2007

What a wonderful article! I'll be sure that we get a link to it on the church website and post a copy of it in the narthex. I am very proud of our members for putting their faith into action in this way. I am always amazed at what a generous congregation we have.

It speaks a lot to Sam's concern for his men that he was willing to endure more discomfort for the sake of being in solidarity. I know that is a deep military value, but it is also at the root of our faith- following the one who took on flesh for our sake and walked our way with us. So often in the Scriptures it says that Christ had compassion on the people- that he suffered with them. Please thank Sam for being a reminder to us of how to have compassion for our brothers and sisters.

And we will keep praying that these next few months will go quickly and that Sam and his men will continue to be safe.

In Christ,
Pastor Laura

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