Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Still Small Voice

CPT Dan Hardin
Chaplain 1-501st PIR

A Still Small Voice-1 Kings 19:12
I read a devotional today that reminded me about an
important truth and constant, especially in times of trouble.
Here is what it said:
“In the British Navy, “The Still” is blown when there is a
sudden disaster. It means, “Prepare to do the wise thing.”
Observing this moment of calm has averted many
catastrophes. Long ago, the Psalmist wrote: Be still and
know that I am God (Ps. 46). He was pouring out the secret
of poise when we face an attack from the world around
us… many voices clamor for our attention in these days of
chaos and confusion, but to the wise, no greater gift for
guidance need be given than the calm to tune in the still
small Voice of the Eternal God.”
Today, for sure, there is chaos all around. Uncertainty
has become normal. There are plenty of external and internal
noises demanding our attention. Yet one thing we can count on
and hold onto is the comfort of God’s still, small, calming,
peace-bringing voice. There is life, comfort, and hope. We need
that as we face the challenges of war and deployment.
So, if your battle field is the home front or Iraq, the
task is the same. Be still, do the wise thing, and listen for His
still, small voice. He still speaks words of life and love. Will we
stop and listen?
May God Bless You All.
1-501st PIR Geronimo April 2007 Newletter

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