Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mars Vs. Venus - At It's Best

A pair of Ospreys watching for dinner on the Rappahannock River at Falmouth, VA. Ospreys mate for life. Man Vs Woman, Mars & Venus, The way God made it.
I'm not talking astronomy or astrology here.

I'm talking Man Vs. Woman.

I'd been standing in the cold Rappahannock River for over ninety minutes casting for Shad (not catching, casting) and was chilled to the bone. The below normal spring temperatures and snow this past Saturday had lowered the river temp by 5-8 degrees from two weeks ago. On the way home I decided to detour through downtown Fred. to get a cup of my favorite Hyperion coffee.

Hyperion is a warm, inviting and unique coffee shop run by Dan and Anna. We see one or the other of both of them almost every Sunday. It is our required stop after church.

I walked in rubbing my hands trying to warm up. Both Dan and Anna caught my eye and said hello as I approached the counter. "I'll have a hot cup of your Guatemala to warm up. " I said, "I've been standing in the river for the last hour and a half." Dan turned away from the capuchino machine and smiled. Anna turned from the cash register with a concerned look on her face and almost simultaneously she said "Why would you do that?", he said "Been fishing Huh?"

We stared at each other and laughed out load.

Mars & Venus

Man Vs. Woman


The way God made it.

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