Monday, June 18, 2012

Near Miss With Fairfax Connector Bus

So maybe it wasn't that close, but the driver still ran a red light and immediately merged right in front of me to get to a bus pull off lane. I had just ridden under the red light and heard him off the my left and behind accelerating hard through the light. His actions cut me off, caused to me brake hard and swerve out of the bike lane into the travel lane to get around him.

Here's one from Washington DC that is even scarier. Makes me want to helmet mount my digital camera and let it run all the time. You just never know when a driver with end up having a brain fart and take you out on purpose like this retired DC cop.

The surprising part of this morning's episode was that Fairfax county sent a replay email within an hour after I made an official complaint.
A D.C. vehicle owner who was wanted in connection with a videotaped collision involving a cyclist in August turned himself in Friday after learning this week there was a bench warrant for his arrest.

The case against John W. Diehl, a retired Metropolitan Police Department officer, has stalled for several months as authorities were apparently unable to serve him a judicial summons ordering him to show up for court.

Mr. Diehl, of Northeast, turned himself in this week after he was contacted by a reporter with The Washington Times — on the phone number listed in court records for the case — and informed of the warrant.

“I called and they came and picked me up and we went down to the courthouse and they served me some papers,” Mr. Diehl, 56, said Friday.

The case stems from a crash that highlighted tension between drivers and cyclists who share city roads after a video of the collision was posted online. Cyclist Evan Wilder, of Mount Rainier, filmed the Aug. 31 crash from his helmet-mounted video camera.

The video shows a driver yelling out of his truck’s passenger-side window at the cyclist as he rides down Rhode Island Avenue Northeast. The driver appears to swerve toward Mr. Wilder, who tumbles to the road.

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