Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Commute In Photos

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Woodlawn Road, Fort Belvoir.
7 miles from the VRE station to the gym every morning. 5 miles of it is on the post.
Woodlawn Rd is closed and runs next to the Golf course.
Newly paved Gunston Road.
Bike lanes run down both sides of Gunston Road.

Gunston Road and 12th Street. Waiting for the light.
15 MPH section of Gunston Road. At the end is a radar speed sign. I love tripping the radar at 19 mph.

Approaching the 300 compound where I work.

The 300 compound gym where I shower every morning.
My building is the former Ft. Belvoir Railroad engine repair facility.

Building 334 - Note the RR tracks leading into the overhead doors.
On my way out of the 300 compound.

One of the road side hazzards I face on my bike commute.
Woodlawn Road, closed, where I have seen a flock of 4 Wild Turkeys.
Telegraph Road at the Beulah Gate.
The neighborhood heading to the VRE station at Franconia/Springfield.

Most days I ride in the vestibule for 2-3 stops until the car opens up and I can bungee my bike to the handicapped seats.
The ramp at Leeland Station.

Riding through the Leeland Station parking lot on the way home.

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