Thursday, May 24, 2012


Multimodal transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport; the carrier is liable (in a legal sense) for the entire carriage, even though it is performed by several different modes of transport (by rail, sea and road, for example). The carrier does not have to possess all the means of transport, and in practice usually does not; the carriage is often performed by sub-carriers (referred to in legal language as "actual carriers"). The carrier responsible for the entire carriage is referred to as a multimodal transport operator, or MTO.

Multimodal is a pretty good description of what my commuting to, from and during work has been the last two months.
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METRO ride to the Pentagon for a meeting

Fairfax Connector to Springfield/Franconia METRO Center

I will not be going Fairfax Connector Bus from Fort Belvoir to Springfield METRO center again, no way, no how. My new Trek hanging out there on the front, out there at the mercy of a driver who doesn't know or care the difference between a Trek 520 and a Wal-Mart beater.

Another trip on METRO

Crystal City VRE Station

My commute yesterday was a good example. 2 miles from home to the VRE Leeland Station by bicycle. 40 minute VRE ride to Springfield/Franconia Station. 7 mile bicycle ride to my office at Fort Belvior. An afternoon meeting at the Pentagon dictated I return the 7 miles to The Springfield/Franconia METRO station leaving the office at noon. Arriving on the VRE side I have to take three elevators to get to the METRO train. A 25 minute Blue Line ride brings me to the Pentagon stop. Another elevator ride and then a 1.0 mile bicycle ride brings me to the North parking access to the Pentagon Athletic Center (PAC) in time to shower and attend my 1430 meeting. After the 1615 meeting ends, I head back to the PAC to change to bike cloths, pedal the 2 miles to the Crystal City VRE station to catch the 1730 southbound. Then the last 2 miles to home, arriving about 1845. 23.5 miles total by bicycle. Throw in VRE and METRO... Multimodal.

Springfield/Franconia VRE Station

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