Monday, May 28, 2012

Marlborough Point Ride

Even a 100 mile a week, solitude, multimode, VRE train and bicycle commuter needs a ride with a friend. John was concerned with my Trek 1000 road bike (he rides a 20 year old Trek 300) and the miles I get in, but today (Memorial Day) wasn't about speed or miles covered. It was about a morning ride with a friend. And getting in some riding together in preparation of our next adventure, an overnight bike trip on the High Bridge Trail in Farmville, VA. And stopping at Revolutions Cycle in North Stafford to pick up my front wheel which was being trued. And, there was just a little bit of me hoping John would walk out with a new Trek or Raleigh, especially after he said, "let's buy a bike for me today".

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It's been a while since I've ridden the Brooke Road, Marlborough Point ride and the Point road was newly paved and very smooth. We parked at the Brooke Road VRE station and headed out. John commented on the amount of shade, saying "my kind of ride, Jay".

We took a water break at Aquia Landing and talked to a few fishermen. One had caught a nice size Largemouth Bass and a REALLY ugly Snakehead. They kept both and planned on eating the Snakehead.

I don't travel without my Garmin Oregon 450 GPS. The numbers: total distance, 16 miles; 1:38 total travel time; 1:22 moving time, moving ave. speed 12 mph, overall ave. 10 mph; maximum speed 27 mph. Link to Ride With GPS map.

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