Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Game In Town ~ Waymarking

I discovered a new game, way to explore, past time, technology application.


A mix of multiple GPS based applications like geocaching, mapping, photography, travel documentation and mega geekdom. allows "members" to document a waymark (a point on earth captured on your GPS) that can be placed in a category. Presently there are 158145 waymarks worldwide, listed in 858 user-created categories.

It is basically telling a story and sharing interesting information (if your a history, outdoor adventurer or technology geek) about your world both locally and your travels.

Here are a few I recently added.
Structures - Abandoned Train Tunnels
Signs of history
Bicycle Shops

You can even go as far as visiting a waymark and then document that visit on line. It is a huge searchable database of locations.

Here are a few of the more interesting categories:
Garage Door Art
Dinosaur Statues
Converted Firehouses
Free For Your Birthday
Gluten Free Restaurants
Butterfly Houses
Self Serve Pet Wash
Miniature Railroads
'Marry Me' Markers
Grave of a Famous Person
Elevated Everyday Objects
Super Fund Sites
Geographic High Points
Orphaned Bridges
Coin-Op Binoculars

I think you get the idea. Visit and do a search using your Zip code and enjoy some of your undiscovered local color. Or be a geek like me and take your GPS and camera out the next time you walk the dog.
Respectfully submitted for your ridicule....... garmin_geek

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