Monday, October 1, 2007

Alpha Mail, Company Newletter

 SFC Shaw overwatching the sanitation along RTE Christy west of FOB Kalsu, while the D-7 dozer (operated by SGT Hooper) clears debris and grass.Notes from Sapper 36 (Sam) and Sapper 37
The fall has continued to bring hot temperatures and a busy mission schedule for the Sappers in Third Platoon. Despite the heat we have executed a wide variety of missions from route clearance and sanitation, to force protection upgrades of local patrol bases, and even a bridge demolition. Our most important mission is the route sanitation of roadways within the Brigade’s Area of Operation, allowing all who travel these routes safer passage. I would also like to congratulate all the promotions we’ve had in the platoon this summer and fall. Staff Sergeant Beau Shaw was promoted to Sergeant First Class and Corporal Brian Clayton was promoted to Sergeant. Private First Class Manuel Perez, Hoang Pham, James Apgar, Collin Black, Matthew Chappuies, Jonathan Araiza, and Brandon Johnson were all promoted to Specialist. As we remain focused on the day to day missions it’s fair to say all Sappers look forward to returning home to there families. It is important the Sappers remain vigilant, thank you for the love and continued support we receive from families back home.
“The Alpha Mail” Vol XII
Alpha Company, 425TH BSTB, 4TH BCT (ABN), 25TH ID

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