Wednesday, October 3, 2007

1 Year Today

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got your four boxes of dri fire t-shirts in the mail today. How many did you order? I think we got about 150. I was able to distribute two to everyone in the company, minus a couple of the XL guys, they only got one. The dri fire guys also sent us 12 baseball caps which I passed around to all the PSG's and PL's.

Today celebrates (well, I guess you could say celebrates) one year deployed from Alaska. I departed Fort Richardson on October 3rd, 2006, and today is October 3rd, 2007. What a year. So we had a big company bar-b-q to celebrate. This morning began with a huge company photograph since first platoon came down from Baghdad, and an awards ceremony. Then all afternoon we played flag football. Tonight we're having a big bar-b-q with burgers, chicken, and steaks. A relaxing day of sorts. So, it was good that first platoon was here to get there t-shirts.

I will e-mail you a copy of the company photo we took this morning to distribute among all your friends and family that have supported us. I think every church newsletter needs a copy.

Thanks again for the never ending love and support you have given me and my Sappers.


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Maggi said...

Praise God, the day is getting closer...continue with prayers...Dad I love you're've done an amazing job keeping it updated and the information is so valuable. Love you....mags