Monday, January 9, 2012

Walk A Mile......

I am not sure where the quote came from, "walk a mile in my shoes".

I have heard it many times associated with a father/son relationship. Growing up, I knew the stories that my father worked two jobs to support his young family of a wife and four children. It didn't really sink in until I had my own young family of three and was working 60 plus hours as an FBI Special Agent. Was I really walking a mile in my father's shoes? As a man have I walked in my father's footsteps or have I wandered outside those tracks and travelled my own path?

I took a different slant to the old saying recently while deer hunting in North Carolina with my son-in-law Travis. The first morning we awoke to 24 degree temperatures and about an inch of snow covering.

"Instead of shoes, I walked several miles in my father's, 1960s vintage, Woolrich, wool hunting pants."

For western New York state, my father's weapon was a 16ga Winchester Model 12 pump shotgun with slugs. (which Sam has now) For NC I carried my Thompson Center Encore pistol in 7mm-08 caliber slung over my shoulder.

Although Dad had a 40" waist (4" larger than mine) and a 32" inseam (2" shorter) I kept his pants from falling with an old pair of his suspenders, and snow out of my boots with a set of my modern gators. I guess you could call it a team effort.

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We chased deer for 2 1/2 days never getting a clear chance to shoot. Too wooded, too far or too dark. All in all I had a great time in the woods with Travis, and I know that is something my father taught me long before I had a chance to walk a mile in his pants. Make the best of every minute in the outdoors. Rain or shine, warm or cold. It's being out among God's world and creatures with family or friend that counts, not the harvest.

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