Friday, March 18, 2011

Red Rock Canyon Near Las Vegas, NV

The Harris mid year sales meeting was in Las Vegas. I had a chance to do some hiking in Red Rock Canyon. I was hoping to reach the 6000 foot summit of Turtlehead Mountain. The Sandstone Quarry trailhead parking was at about 4280 feet. The trail map said 5 miles round trip. I managed to reach about 5400 feet but there was no trail and the loose rock and scree was a bit much for these old and out of shape legs.

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A view of Turtle Mountain on the way up.

 Turtle Mountain is getting closer.

 By the time I got this high, the trail was unmarked and I had to choose left or right around this big knob. I ended up keeping left and only made it to the 5400 foot level. On the way down I saw a group coming down the right side.
Red Rock Canyon is a big rock climbing area. Miles of walls like this one to choose from.

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Mags said...

Great Pictures Dad, I'm just getting to look at them now. Glad you had a good trip and a beautiful day to hike. Love you and miss you dad.