Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dan Beat Me Like A Drum!!

Today was our first time on the water all year. No fair.
I had the first one in the boat today, a healthy, 12" Rappahannock smallie, caught on the Rebel CrawFish.
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That didn't stop Dan from hauling in an amazing 17"er on a Case, White and Pepper Stix bait..
Dan's smallie was the biggest we have caught together. His previous record was a 16"er last year out of the same pool, below the Mott's Run access ramp.
30 minutes later, his guide put him on this 14.5" small with the same Case White Stix bait. The fish today were the healthiest we have seen them in 3 or 4 years.
I also have to say I am getting way to many photos in my collection of Dan's fish eating grin.

 To end this great day on the water we heard a tremendous splash, and turned to see this Bald Eagle (look for the golf ball in the tree) with a fish in his talons.

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