Monday, February 8, 2010

NWS Snow Totals

Saturday, February 6, 2010 (
New All-Time Snowfall Records At Washington Dulles, Baltimore, Wilmington
Midnight Update: This Is Also The 4th Highest 2-Day Storm Total In Washington History And The 2nd Highest At Washington National:
The 17.8 Inch Two-Day Storm Total Snowfall Recorded Today At Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Is The Second Highest Two-Day Storm Total Record...Second Only To The 18.7 Inches For National Airport From 18-19 February 1979. This Would Also Be The 4th Highest Two-Day Storm Total All-Time Snowfall For Washington Records Which Date Back To 1871...Behind Only The 27-28 January 1922 Knickerbocker Storm With 26.0 Inches...The 12-13 February 1899 Storm Which Produced 19.0 Inches...And The 18.7 Inches Which Fell 18-19 February 1979.
Stafford Co., VA
Roseville 23.5" 530 PM 2/06
Stafford 17.0" 1200 PM 2/06

Fairfax Co., VA
Burke 25.0" 625 PM 2/06
Chantilly 28.0" 600 PM 2/06

Clarke Co., VA
Berryville 32.0" 230 PM 2/06

Fauquier Co.,
Marshall 32.0" 829 PM 2/06
Warrenton 27.0" 500 PM 2/06

Loudoun Co., VA
Dulles Int'l 32.4" 550 PM 2/06
Purcellville 30.0" 400 PM 2/06
Leesburg 28.0" 207 PM 2/06

Allegany Co, MD
Frostburg 36.0" 112 PM 2/06

Washington Co, MD
Hancock 30.5" 315 PM 2/06


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