Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hardtail Heaven

Heaven or hell. After an hour and 5 miles on the MCB Quantico mountain bike trails, I wasn't so sure which one to choose. GOSH!!! It's only been 5 years since I hit the trails with Sam for the last time. I just couldn't pass up a 60 degree day in February after discovering a map of the mixed use trails on the "mainside" of the base. Time passes on and how quickly ones butt and hands forget just how hard a hardtail (no shocks) MTB rides. Even on the softer, sandy trails my arms and shoulders were buzzing from the vibration of a 2 mile gradual downhill.

The trailhead parking and starting point behind the Quantico Child Development Center.

The top of the last long uphill where lunch was knocking on the door to get out.

Doah!!! Topo map reading hasn't always been my strong suit. I dicided to take the trail out and the powerline back. WRONG!! As you can see, powerlines go straight UP and DOWN the hills.

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mags said...

Sweet! That looks like so much fun and what a beautiful day. A little different from the 20's we have now. oh happy winter.