Wednesday, October 15, 2008

John Prine - "Paradise"

John Prine's Paradise has been one of my favorite bluegrass songs since the late 70s. Repairing FBI radios for 2 years, 77-79, from one end of the state to the other gave me a unique appreciation on his lyrics. Kshon's recent post on his new love for Bonnie Raitt and John Prine led me to do a YouTube search. A product of BTO, Led Zepplin and the 60s and a father who listened to Country western forced me away from that genre until 1975. My first FBI boss was from Harrisonburg, VA and Ron (we) listened to nothing but CW and bluegrass.


kevin.shon said...

I like it Mr. C! I like it! I miss you all in VA! Hopefully I'll be back there around April or May! I have been working a lot, and all is going well... I hope we can catch up soon- with the new stories we could tell!


Tina said...

I love John Prine's music as well. I was introduced to it just a short time ago, am thank goodness for that. I found a post on him earlier this afternoon...thought I'd share.