Friday, August 29, 2008

“Render unto Caesar ...

"Barack Obama's Invesco stage is Greek temple by day, White House by night"

Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech Thursday from a stage that symbolically spans the ages.
By day it harkens back to the temples of ancient Greece, the birthplace of democracy, with columns made of plywood painted off-white.

Illuminated at night, the stage evokes the White House, with ten steps leading up to the top of a raised platform from which Obama will make his historic address to some 80,000 supporters.

It will be set up at the 50-yard line of Invesco Field, where the Denver Broncos play.

While would-be presidents have typically spoken from the convention site, the silver-tongued Democrat wanted a more dramatic setting to drive home his "Change We Can Believe In" theme.
In opting for the football stadium instead of basketball arena where the Democratic National Convention is being held, Obama is following the example John Kennedy who delivered his acceptance speech in 1960 to 80,000 people in the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Fireworks and confetti will follow Obama's speech.

The McCain campaign, which has been trying to paint Obama as an elitist, has already derided the stage as "Temple Obama."
So what did he really have to say??
Michelle Malkin"s blog...she's smart,
articulate and shoots from the hip. She wrote an article about the Greek
theme at the DNC and I copied one of the comments from a blogger below...I
think he hit the nail on the head!

Tonight Barack Obama will probably say:

My fellow Americans, McCain is going to try to play upon your fears. He is
going to try to paint me as a radical elitist who is full of himself. But as
you can see, from my own Greek Temple, giving my speech in front of the
masses, I am just like you.
I’m just a regular guy, in a regular Greek Temple, on the 50 yard line of a
I’m not running to be president of the United States, but King of the World.
People like me, so if you elect me, the world will like you, too.
And now I unveil my new campaign slogan: “Render unto Caesar the things
which are Caesar’s, and unto Obama, the things which are Obama’s.”

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